Can Music Mend Physician Burnout?

There’s a great song by Don McLean called “American Pie”. The chorus talks about “the day the music died”. I thought about that song in my hospital a couple years ago, when the music died there, too. I’ve noticed that our physician burnout and nurse frustration have increased in the years since the music died. Could it be coincidence? Continue reading


Doctors and nurses are being overloaded with menial tasks


I’m no economist.  In fact, I have never taken any business or accounting classes in my life.  But it doesn’t take a formal education to get this.  We are speeding down the wrong path.

The call at three in the morning woke me from a deep sleep.  I fumbled and strained to hear the whispered voice of the apologetic nurse.  Apparently Mrs. Thompson had scraped her arm against the wheelchair, and suffered a minor abrasion.  No harm, no foul.  Except that ever since the state had come in and eviscerated the nursing home protocols, extra precautions were being taken.  Some things just won’t be left till the morning anymore. Continue reading

Telltale Signs It’s Time To Quit Your Job

The epidemic of physician burnout is heartbreaking

Daily, I am contacted by good doctors who are struggling with symptoms of burnout syndrome and who have become overwhelmed by the challenges of attempting to practice medicine in today’s health care environment. As a psychiatrist who runs a program to address and treat these distressed doctors, I am troubled by the ever-growing number of calls I receive.

The burned-out physician is exhausted — mentally and physically — and often no longer able to find Continue reading