Physician burnout is effecting doctors all over the world. It is beginning to affect people earlier and earlier in their careers and has been an under reported epidemic more centuries. There are certain stresses that are accepted in medicine as “Just part of the job”. However we need to help physicians to manage these stresses, to cut down the workload and the eradicate burnout all together. The result of which will promote physician health, happiness and drive which in turn will promote better, effective and efficient healthcare for the patient. The first place to start is EDUCATION. We need to educate our physicians on the art of managing workloads, dealing with stress, opening dialogue with their colleagues. We need to help Physicians to be aware that they too are human and they too can suffer the consequences of stress. We need to vanquish this myth that physicians don’t get sick. They do get sick, they do get stressed and they all so need to be educated to deal with this. They need to care for themselves as well as caring for their patients.

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